5 Simple and Clever DIY Key Ring Ideas (VIDEO)

Posted by on Jul 12, 2020

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Given how integral keys are to our lives, it’s surprising more time and money isn’t spent on buying or making the most amazing key rings. People bling out phone cases and book bags, but key rings don’t get quite as much love. Here is a handful of videos to get you stoked to make a super cute companion for your rings that will proudly sit in your pocket every day. Of course, if you look through these and still don’t find an idea your like, or just don’t have the energy to make something, you can always get a badass silver biker keychain.

Shrinky Dinks

Anyone who played with Shrinky Dinks as a kid probably knows how quick and fun it can be to bake up a distinctive trinket. Given that Kimspired has nearly two million views on these video instructions, apparently a lot of people like the idea. All you need is permanent markers (like Sharpies), a hole punch, scissors, tape, a jump ring and, of course, Shrinky Dinks. If you don’t have a knack for drawing freehand you can print up printable and trace the imagery onto the Shrinky Dinks sheet. Follow the baking instructions, attach the jump ring and you’ve got yourself a new key ring.

Polymer Clay

Baylee Jay shows how she creates Super Mario-inspired keychains out of Fimo soft polymer clay. To add details like facial expressions to these baubles, you’ll need a little acrylic paint and artistic knowhow. Attaching a pin for the keyring requires some Krazy glue and a few other jewelry tools. If you have a knack for making polymer clay key rings it might just be a good little side business -- Baylee Jae sells out of hers.

Photo Fob

If you want to make a simple gift for someone to remember you by (or celebrate something you and the recipient both want to remember), a photo key chain can be a great idea. Artistic Mila a buys a small square of wood (at Michaels) and prints a picture out to the same size as the block. To add a little extra significance, Mila then embosses a message on the back. The photo is glued on with Mod Podge and then protected with 3-D glue. Adding a clasp makes it a key chain.


If you’ve been wanting to learn how to macrame, knotting a key chain can be a fun way to learn. As Craft Ginger explains, these projects can be made in an evening. In addition to rope (3 millimeter is a good size), you’ll also need rings, scissors and a comb for fluffing out the ends. Crafty Ginger recommends four possible knotting patterns you can follow to make the key chain This video demonstrates the first (she has three others).

Resin and Flowers

Mixing up resin isn’t exactly child’s play, but the result is impressive. You’ll need gloves, a scale, a mold and the chemicals used to turn liquid resin into solid plastic. Dried flowers are a wonderful addition to a keychain, allowing you to study the complexities of the beautiful details found in the leaves. A good mold for a key chain fob has a hole for the ring designed into it so you won’t need to drill later.

Hammering Coins and More Industrial Key Chains

Still stuck for king ring ideas? This video shows how to hammer out a coin and emboss it with a letter stamp. Giaco Whatever also shows how harvest letters from keyboards and attach them to a slate of wood for a fun fob. He even breaks apart a USB drive and covers the chip inside with resin to turn it into a very mod and functional keychain. Watch it to see even more industrial key chain ideas.

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