6 Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Posted by on May 07, 2021

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One of the next big crafty holidays is Mother’s Day. Crafts, in general, make such fantastic gifts because they’re homemade and created with love. For Mother’s Day especially, crafts make great gifts because you can get the kids involved in crafting. Mothers love receiving handmade gifts from their kids and there are some really great ideas floating around out there. Here we present six great Mother’s Day crafts that you might want to try out as the special day approaches.

A flower pot shaped card with flowers coming out of it on a string
Flower Pot Card

This is no ordinary card — it’s extendable! Not only is this an incredibly creative Mother’s Day card, it’s also quite simple to make. Simply cut a flower pot shape out of your cardboard, then cut out four flowers. Add text to the flowers and, on the final flower, paste a photo of the child giving this card. String them together with yarn and affix to the flower pot. As Mom pulls out each new flower, she’s sure to have a smile on her face!
For more instructions on this Mother’s Day craft, visit KareWares.
A bouquet of flowers made of cupcake liners and pipecleaners
Mother’s Day Bouquet

Flowers are a traditional gift for Mother’s Day, but these flowers put a special, crafty spin on that tradition. These, as a matter of fact, are flowers made from cupcake cups! All you need to make this crafty bouquet is some pipe cleaners and colorful cupcake liners. Poke a hole in the bottom of your cupcake liner, thread the pipe cleaner through and tie a small knot. And that’s it! This craft is very simple, making it easy to get younger kids involved in the crafting. 
For more information on this Mother’s Day craft, visit momtastic.
Two clay pendanta with heart imprints in them
Thumbprint Heart Charm

This thumbprint heart pendant is another great keepsake gift for Mother’s Day. It’s also a gift that kids can get directly involved with, and they get to play with clay! Have the kids roll some polymer clay into a ball and then smash it flat into a circle. Next, have them press their thumbs into the clay so that their thumbprints cross and create a heart shape. Bake the pendants in the oven, then have the kids write their names or the date on them once they have cooled. 
For more instruction on this Mother’s Day craft, visit Moms Rising.
Cupcake Liner Card

Here’s another great craft in which you can use a cupcake liner. For this Mother’s Day craft, the cupcake liner serves as the centerpiece of a flower on the cover of a card. For this craft, you’ll need plenty of scrapbooking paper, decorative masking tape, a cupcake liner, glue and a free Mother’s Day word art sample available at the link below. Cut and glue your components to create a flower and you’ve got your card!
For more instructions on this Mother’s Day craft, visit The Crafting Chicks.
Two wooden spoon dolls, one of a mom and one of a daughter
Mom n’ Me

As soon as I saw this next craft, I thought it was super adorable and kind of wanted to give it as a gift to my mom, even though I’m a bit old for this kind of thing! For this craft, take two wooden spoons, then delve into your crafting box for bits of yarn and felt to embellish and decorate them. Glue on decorations to make the wooden spoons look like the child and their mother. These wooden spoon dolls look really fun to make and are sure to create lasting memories during mom n me play time. 
For more instructions on this Mother’s Day craft, visit Kaboose.
Styrofoam cubes covered in photos and scrapbooking paper
Family Photo Cubes

Photo albums are great keepsake gifts for Mother’s Day, but they often get placed on a shelf out of view somewhere. These photo cubes can be displayed on bookshelves, desks, or even on the kitchen table. You’ll need some three-inch styrofoam cubes, family photos, scrapbooking paper and anything else you’d like to decorate with. Treat these cubes like miniature scrapbook pages and embellish them however you’d like. When you’re finished, you’ve got a fun and creative way to display your family’s memories in photo form!
For more instruction on this Mother’s Day craft, visit All Free Crafts.

Credits: KareWares, momtastic, Kaboose, All Free Crafts, Moms Rising, The Crafting Chicks. 

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