6 Reasons Why Teens Should Get Crafting

Posted by on Feb 19, 2014

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Gone are the days of uncool crafts and granny-inspired projects. Now more than ever, teens are embracing the spirit of DIY and trying their hand at creative craft projects. Teen crafts are unique because they incorporate current trends and pop culture references. Unexpected materials are also a hallmark of teen craft tutorials. Whether you’re a teenager yourself or just want to relive the glory days, you can’t go wrong with these super fun diy craft ideas for teens.

Wearable Craft Projects

When you’re a teenager, there’s nothing more important than standing out and making an impression. It’s safe to say that if you wear a Funky Lizard Toy Necklace, you’ll make a huge statement. This necklace is actually really easy to make and you can spray paint it any color you choose. Teens can also save their hard-earned money by making their own versions of items found at the mall. Anthro-Inspired Elastic Hair Ties look exactly like their store-bought counterparts but cost a fraction of the price.
Bedroom Décor Crafts

Take a step into any teenager’s bedroom and you learn so much about his or her personality. A plain white room is no fun at all, and luckily there are plenty of fun (and funny) crafts to make any space pop. With a little bit of skill and patience, you can crochet your own Mustache Pillow. This is one trend that just keeps on going, and teenagers will love the irreverence associated with this iconic image. Another fun craft idea is to create Shredded Paper Framed Art and display it on a wall or dresser. This is a great way to recycle homework or other papers when they are no longer needed.
Gifts for Friends

When you’re a teenager, nothing is more important than a BFF (or two… or ten). Birthdays are a huge occasion (remember when you were so excited to be one year older?), so it’s important to give a gift that’s both memorable and heartfelt. Colorful Texting Gloves are so practical and trendy right now, but they can be super costly. Give a handmade pair instead and add a little creative touch to make them extra personal. For the music lover, you can create DIY Guitar Picks with personalized images and messages. Since this is a quick and easy project, you can make a bunch at once and save them for other occasions.

What was your favorite kind of craft as a teen?

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