Beyond Red and Green — Surprise Color Palettes for the Holidays

Posted by on Oct 31, 2014

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Christmas is a time that lifts everyone's spirits, when all the homes in the neighborhood come alive with lights and decorations. However, if you've gotten a bit tired of seeing the same red and green decorations year after year, it may be time to come up with a new look. From metallic pinks and blues to minty green, there are plenty of color palettes you may not have considered for the holidays. Read on for a few tidbits on deciding which color scheme might work for your holiday décor.

gold metallic holiday decor

Add Some Sparkle with Metallics  

Christmas is a magical time, and there's no better way to capture that feeling than with glittery, glam metallics. Pepper your tree with glittering ornaments in shades of silver and gold, or go all-out with a totally metallic tree that shines like the star of Bethlehem. For a subtler look, incorporate brassy hues into your tablescape with luxe fabrics and pillar candles.

blue christmas gift wrap

Have a Blue Christmas 

Blue may not be the most traditional yule-time hue, but it has been a popular palette for several years now (and it's certainly beautiful for Hanukkah!). Blue is a natural alternative to red and green because it perfectly reflects the beauty of a chilly, snowy landscape. Whether you're working with midnight blue, Tiffany blue or somewhere in between, the shade works especially well with winter white and silver. Try incorporating blues into your ornaments, stockings or wrapping paper.

pink christmas tree

Think Pink 

You don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to pull out your favorite pink décor. If pink is your signature color, then by all means let it guide your holiday style, too. You could go the subtle route by scattering pink ornaments and decorative items throughout your home, or you could fully commit with an all-pink tree, from its branches (artificial, of course) to its ornaments and lights. The look is distinctly feminine and completely unique. The most important element you need to pull this off? Confidence!

mint green holiday decorations

Minty Fresh 

If your style leans toward another era, pale mint green is an effective way to capture a vintage look in your holiday décor. Classic without being predictable, this paler cousin of the classic holiday green suggests the decorations of days gone by. Search your local antique stores for mint green ornaments and décor, or find them brand-new — the color is becoming as popular today as it was generations ago.

black and white christmas ornaments

Go Bold with Black and White 

This palette is perfect for the simplicity of a more contemporary home — black and white. Think black is too dark for the holidays? Not so! Paired with pearly whites and a sprinkling of silver, the look is bold and classic at the same time. Whether you choose a black and white theme for your tree or use the hues on your tablescape, you're sure to create a chic look that will impress guests with its originality. If you're going to try this pairing, it's a good idea to use the black in smaller doses to accent the white.

For more of my home décor ideas, visit me at The Christmas Tree Market blog. And if you're debating autumn palettes right now, you might enjoy this post! Happy decorating!

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