Drunk Crafting for President's Day (Video)

Posted by on Feb 17, 2017

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In their series of videos about President's Day, Carrie and Cher from the site Glitter Glue and Gluttony remind us that this all-American holiday isn't just about car sales — it's also about making greeting cards and getting plastered on vodka-infused cherries. 

Watch these videos, get dressed up like a president (no need to focus on Washington and Lincoln, William Howard Taft makes a great look), and remember that these 50 states required a lot of drinking and crafting to form a great union. Maybe that isn't exactly how you heard it in the history books, but history is written by the winners.

You might say that this President's Day crafting series doesn't require three parts, but, really, "Rocky" has at least six parts and see how well that turned out?

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