Duct Tape Christmas Ornaments

Posted by on Dec 24, 2016

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As we all know, duct tape has many varied uses in the world of crafting. In recent years, duct tape has become an immensely popular crafting material. Here on CraftFoxes, I’ve even done a round-up of duct tape crafts you can actually wear! Now that the holiday season is headed our way, there are some duct tape craft options for your holiday celebrations. Here are six simple Christmas ornaments that you can make out of duct tape.

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Five different kinds of round Christmas ornaments, each made from a different type of patterned duct tape
Traditional Christmas Ornaments

Nearly everyone who celebrates Christmas must have a box of Christmas ornaments that look like these. They’re just simple orbs with Christmas colors and designs on them. Rather than storing these sometimes large and often breakable ornaments, you could instead make them out of duct tape! All you need is some holiday-themed duct tape, which you can find at your craft store. Cut out two 7-inch strips of your desired tape, then cut those in half. Lay the two pieces sticky side to sticky side to create a square. Then simply trace a circle out of that square, add on a small square to the top, and punch a hole to hang it on your tree.
For information on this duct tape Christmas ornament, visit Crafty Soccer Mom.
duct tape crafts -- styrofoam balls covered in patterned duct tape
Simple Spheres

These ornaments are some super simple spheres that could sort of be used as decoration for any time of year. But you could easily make them specifically for Christmas, too. All you’ll need are some Styrofoam balls and holiday-themed duct tapes. First, cut a strip of duct tape that is ½ an inch wide. Then start wrapping the tape around your Styrofoam balls. Because the base of these ornaments is Styrofoam, you can easily insert an ornament hook to hang these on your tree. Or, you could display them in a bowl as decorative spheres during the holiday season.
For more information on this duct tape Christmas ornament, visit Crafts ‘n Coffee.
A Christmas bauble made from gold and silver strips of duct tape
Christmas Bauble

These duct tape Christmas baubles are a bit more complex than the previous ornaments, but the finished product is sure to add a glamorous touch to your tree. For this craft, you’ll need a clear plastic ornament to use as your base, and two colors of duct tape. This example uses silver and gold, but you could also use red and green or two differently patterned kinds of duct tape. Cut strips of tape and stick them to each other, leaving some sticky areas at the ends. Starting at the bottom of the plastic ornament, stick the tape to the plastic and alternate colors to create a colorful effect.
For more information on this duct tape Christmas ornament, visit Cleverly Inspired.
duct tape crafts -- A rosette made from regular duct tape, paper snowflake
Shiny Rosettes

These adorable snowflake rosettes combine duct tape crafting with paper crafting. You’ll need thread, some duct tape, a glue gun, a circle punch and a scoring board. First roll out a long strip of tape, fold it in the middle and stick the tape to itself. Take this strip of duct tape and create sharp folds every ½ inch. Then hot glue the two ends together, force the bottom inward and the top outward to form a round rosette. Attach a circular piece of cardstock to the center of the rosette with hot glue. Then simply embellish the center with a papercraft snowflake or something else.
For more information on this duct tape Christmas ornament, visit See Vanessa Craft.
An ornament made from colored duct tape cut and assembled in a scene
Scenery Ornaments

These ornaments have a really interesting spin on them — they’re covered with a scenic design! It’s all up to you what these ornaments look like, and everything is made from duct tape. All you need is a glass or plastic ornament to use as a base, some different colored duct tape and scissors. Cut shapes out of your duct tape and stick to the ornament to create a holiday scene. The example here doesn’t depict a holiday scene, but you can easily make a Christmas tree picture, a Santa Claus or some other holiday image. Be creative!
For more information on this duct tape Christmas ornament, visit Layered Soul.
The top of a Christmas tree covered in a duct tape chain
Duct Tape Chain

One of the simplest Christmas tree decoration is the linked chain made from colored construction paper. But this chain is made from duct tape! All you need to do is make strips of duct tape about five inches long, fold them onto each other, and then secure them in a loop with another piece of tape. You can use as many different patterns of tape as you’d like and alternate them to create a fun and colorful chain for your Christmas tree. This chain could also be used to adorn a mantlepiece or a doorway!
For more information on this duct tape Christmas ornament, visit Dukes & Duchesses.

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