Eight Fabulous DIY Calendars

Posted by on Jan 03, 2011

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It's good to stylishly start each day off on the right foot. From foldable 3-D desk calendars to free downloadable desktop models (and a few traditional versions in between), counting down the month has never been so lovely. 

Get the 3-D paper craft calendar (pictured above) from Smil Biz

botany desktop calendar wallpaper
Vintage Botany-Inspired Desktop Wallpaper

When the little hourglass or colorwheel finishes moving, wouldn’t it be nice to be greeted with this calming desktop wallpaper calendar? The free download was made by designer Katie of Lemon Jitters, who specializes in putting a retro-cute twist on Victorian-ish clip-art images through clever text and collage work. You can check out the artful (and downloadable) results at The Common Jar. (Psst … you can also take the low-tech route and simply print out the calendar, too.)
Get the free desktop wallpaper from The Common Jar!
vintage scrapbook desktop calendar wallpaper
Vintage Scrapbook-Inspired Desktop Wallpaper

Offering another take on the Victoriana trend is the free desktop wallpaper from BlogGuidebook. Also available as a bound and printed calendar, each month bears a new inspiring design complete with highlighted holidays. Now you’ll know when, exactly, to celebrate Flag Day.
Get the free scrapbook-inspired desktop wallpaper from The Blog Guidebook!
artist-of-the-month print calendar
Artist-of-the-Month Print Calendar

Support a new artist every month with this collection of twelve silk-screened prints, part of the Year in Prints project. When each month is finished, you can frame the limited-edition artwork to enjoy as long as you want. Who needs the restrictions of a month, anyway?
Get the Year in Prints calendar from Big Cartel!
iphone-droid calendar wallpaper
Retro iPhone/Droid Calendar Wallpaper

Add a civilized touch to the latest weapon in our century’s digital revolution with a supremely charming wallpaper-slash-calendar designed by the boutique stationer Red Stamp. With its muted candy stripe background and girlie girl font, the free wallpaper is the right touch for today’s version of Doris Day.
Get the free iPhone/Droid Calendar Wallpaper from Red Stamp!
plywood calendar
DIY Laser-Engraved Plywood Calendar

There are few cooler-sounding crafts than “laser engraving” (but if you know of any contenders, I’d like to hear about it), and this small-ish calendar designed by impressive techno-crafty genius Sascha Grant seems to be a fine way to try your hand. You will be needing a laser cutter, which it just so happens you can make. Just be careful, OK?
Get the 2011 laser cut calendar tutorial from Thingiverse!
embroidered perpetual calendar
Hand-Embroidered Perpetual Calendar

So charming! A simple, embroidered grid set-up filled with customized buttons adds a heartwarming note to even the most cold and sterile office environment. And like the other perpetual calendars in this post, it’ll never, ever go out of date.
Get the hand-embroidered perpetual calendar from Handmade by Sara Lynn!
vintage perpetual calendar
Genuine Vintage Perpetual Calendar

For a more lo-fi take on multitasking, bring on this cheerful pencil sharpener and calendar combo. Manufactured during the period of Don Draper’s life when he worked as a fur salesman, this little gadget has teeny little wheels that let you program the day and month. Proving that ingenuity never goes out of style, it works just as well as it did in the '50s.
Get the vintage pencil sharpener and calendar from Art Fire!

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