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Posted by on Jul 10, 2013

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This week, our featured member is Ally Ebdon from the nowthatspretty blog. The minute you click on Ally’s blog, you find yourself in a land of color and creativity! All of Ally’s projects are fun and flamboyant. Ally is a university student who puts a lot of care and work into her crafting projects and her blog. To relieve school-related stress, she started crafting and blogging and now she has an impressive record of creative endeavors. You can find DIY projects, lifestyle crafts, holiday crafts and much more on her blog.

Can you tell us a little bit about your blog and when you started it?

I started nowthatspretty a year or so ago because life was starting to move a bit too fast for my liking. I was doing a lot of exams and getting quite stressed and so I thought I needed something to drag me back to reality. I wanted to create a blog that centered around enjoying creativity and living a happy and colorful life. My plan worked! I now live in the middle of a huge pile of projects and confetti!

What is one of your favorite projects you've ever made?

I love sewing and I've just started sharing more of my sewing projects on the blog. I just love the feeling of wearing a garment you've created and knowing it didn't exist a few days ago. I do also love my cat bowler hat though, I get lots of stares when I wear that ... in a good way, I think.

Where do you find inspiration for your creative projects?
I'm a Pinterest fiend! But a lot of my crafting projects center around a pretty normal central item; whether that's a spoon that then becomes a pineapple lamp, a straw which then becomes a flamingo or a candle which then becomes a miniature bonfire. Browsing places like Ikea is great for seeing base items which can inspire amazing projects.

Which of your craft projects took the longest to finish?
A couple of years ago I got incredibly jealous of Dita von Teese for having Swarovski-encrusted stilettos and embarked on creating my own. I bought a ton of red rhinestones and the perfect pair of shoes and with the aid of a toothpick with a piece of blue tack on the end, painstakingly applied each one. It was the slowest thing I've ever done. They are absolutely stunning but boy was that hard!

Don’t forget to visit Ally’s blog, nowthatspretty!
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