Stylish and Snuggly Knit Pillows and Softies

Posted by on May 31, 2020

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If there's anything superior to snuggling up with a homemade knit pillow or softie, let us know, because we've yet to find a greater delight. Using one of these eight cozy creations, you can add a custom touch to your home's décor.

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A cable knit pillow like this one is supremely versatile. The pattern needs no specific color scheme or yarn; every aspect can be tailored to your home's unique look. The designer even provides a pattern for making her project with T-shirt yarn!

Knit pouf, knitting pillow, DIY knitting project, DIY pillow, free knitting pattern
Prefer a pillow better suited for playtime? Try making what some call a "knit pouf." While retail versions can get pricey, this DIY version won't break your budget.

knitted softie, dinosaur softie, DIY knitting project, kids knitting project
Not to disrespect a fundamental aspect of our childhood, but ... this knitted dinosaur softie seriously trumps that old teddy bear we wouldn't leave the house without.

Holiday stocking pillow, pillow with stockings, DIY knitted pillow cover
Don't be mad that it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but this project gives us visions of spiced eggnog and stockings hung above the fire. After all, you'll want to start knitting a holiday stocking pillow soon if you want it on display on the couch to impress those visiting in-laws.

Knitted pillow, DIY knitting project, free knitting project, Owl pillow
With its thick knit and whimsical embellishments, this cozy sleepy owl pillow cushion makes the perfect companion on your reading chair. Best of all, knitters can make the body of the project using only 100g of bulky yarn. Score!

turkey softie, animal plushie, DIY knitting project
Searching for a Thanksgiving-themed craft? Look no further than a knitted turkey softie. While beginner knitters may need to brush up on how to change colors, this project's stitch pattern is relatively simple.

Knitted pillow, DIY flower pillow
Muted, single-color pillows can fit in perfectly with the decor in some homes, but in others, not so. Even a simple design with only two contrasting yarn colors, as exemplified in this knitted floral pillow cover, can create a statement piece.

Cable knit pillow, DIY pillow cover, Knitted pillow project, Repurpose sweater projecet
Sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day to hand-knit a pillow ... and that's when this blogger's creative solution comes in. Repurposing an old, over-sized knit sweater, she fashioned a cable knit pillow cover replete with button embellishments. Color us impressed.

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