Organizing Your Craft Supplies for the New Year

Posted by on Dec 30, 2014

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With each new year comes the annual fretting over getting organized, right? For us crafters, it's often a constant battle to stay on top of our ever-growing stash of craft supplies. I think a well-organized craft space, whether it's a whole room or the corner of the garage, is so important for our creativity and our ability to really enjoy our crafting. 

For me, nothing kills my creative mojo faster than tons of clutter. It can put me deep into shopping moratorium mode – “I’m not buying one more thing!” You’ve all been there, right? But when that happens, you might miss out on a great opportunity to try something new. 

Some people don’t mind clutter and they can still find inspiration to create in the middle of it, and that’s cool. But if you’re like me, you probably need to clean up and clear away the remnants of earlier projects before you can feel open and ready to start new projects.

Here are a few craft supply organization and storage ideas from my own studio, which are featured in my book, Craft Your Stash.

cupcake stand organize craft supplies

Cupcake Display Stand 

With a mini metal custard cup in each spot, this stand is both adorable and useful for keeping lots of different little embellishments close at hand, like stray buttons and bling.

plastic flour cannisters craft supply storage

Food Canisters 

I love these semi-clear plastic containers for sugar and flour. They’re rectangular, so they fit side-by-side nicely on a shelf and I can see exactly what’s inside. I bought these through a Publisher's Clearinghouse catalog — one time when looking at my junk mail really paid off!

locker shelves fabric bins craft supplies lisa fulmer

Locker Shelves and Fabric Bins

These folding wire racks make it easy to take advantage of typically unused space way up high on a closet shelf. They’re tall enough to rise above most books and magazines, plus with fabric bins, you can take advantage of more vertical space up high to stash the stuff you don’t use as often.

label inside cabinet door organization lisa fulmer

Cabinet Door Labels 

I love all the storage space in the cabinets beneath my counters, but it’s easy to forget what’s behind closed doors. Plus I hate having to get down on the ground to dig around, trying to remember what I put way in the back. So I put these self-adhesive plastic business card sleeves from the office supply store inside each cabinet door. I can easily read the list and quickly pull it out of the sleeve to update as needed.

stackable scrapbook paper drawers liss fulmer

Stackable Paper Drawers 

Categorize your papers by color or pattern type and label each drawer. Stack them into a tower on the floor or line them up along a countertop or shelf. I bought these 4-drawer portable cabinets at a quilt show; they were intended for storing 12” quilt blocks in progress, but they work great for all my scrapbook papers. I also use wall-mounted drawers (hung above the paper drawers). A shelf and drawer in one ... who doesn’t love a good two-fer? My rubber stamps fit perfectly in these shallow drawers. 

Craft your stash book lisa fulmer
For more craft room organizing tips, as well as color theory, design principles and loads of great craft project how-tos, get yourself a copy of Craft Your Stash and get yourself busy! 

Click here to hop through lots of craft designers' blogs to see what they have to say about the book, too. Happy New Year!

Book excerpt reprinted with permission from Fox Chapel Publishing.

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  • by citygalshanice
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    Amazing and very well organized! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams, starts on Fridays at 9AM eastern time and runs until Wednesday night. :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.

  • by omabeate
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    That give me lots of inspiration how to save time as I reorganize my oodles of "stuff". Thank you for sharing! The pictures look great, especially to suggest labeling everything on the outside to find things again quickly. The apple stacker/ cupcake holder is not for me, because of being open to dust and debris. But I bet a jewelry person, who works on something will find that terrifically helpful as they work on a project.

    My last years resolution is: NO more buying any more supplies. If I get an idea and do not have the supplies on hand, I just write the idea in my Evernote. Then look at my stuff I have on hand to be inspired to make something. Sure enough: gingerly I have reduced my supplies.
    Terrific article! Very helpful!