Projects That Will Help You Get Organized in the New Year

Posted by on Jan 05, 2012

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Each year a lot of us make resolutions. Some get dropped a few days into January and some we keep. Need a little help to keep your vow to be better organized in 2012? Consider these crafty suggestions.

For starters, do you have a heap of earrings, and are they scattered around your bathroom or in a tangled mess on your nightstand? Buy an old frame or window at a restoration store, paint and then staple wire mesh to the back like CraftFox Misty did
You can also check the design pictured above on Etsy.

recipe box
Box It Up

We love this idea from Debby Arem. She spiced up a normal-looking recipe box with old circuit boards. Think what else you could you use to turn boring containers into something special. Maybe use rolled-up magazines, keys, fabric or bottle caps!
crate DIY wine rack
Create a Crate

This crate can double as a wine rack or a storage unit for bottles on their way to the recycling bin. If you live in the city you see pallets on the street all the time. Nab one for this project. It would take a little work, but you could sand, stain, restructure and nail the wood together ... or buy one already assembled at Etsy.
Magazine Files

Do you have a stacks of National Geographics and old art magazines? Tuck them away in style with these custom magazine files. Check out the full how-to at

Tip: This pattern shows how to tape your own box together from cut-out cardboard, but we suggest using a cereal box. With a cereal box you won't have to tape together the walls, just cut out the opening!
stationery pouch
Stationery Organizer

It's easy to keep cards and pens stacked on the desk. However, this fabric pouch not only consolidates all your writing materials, but also is convenient to bring on trips. Pick any material you like and sew as many pockets as you like.
Check out the original on Etsy.
DIY Piggy Bank
Help Your Children Save Money

Here's a craft for the kiddos. Use an empty bleach bottle (like in the picture) or a soda bottle ... paint it, cut a slot in the top, use paper for ears and yarn spools for the legs.
pencil case collage
Decoupage Containers

Use those extra magazines (that are now so neatly stored and organized) for a collage project. Some cutouts and glue can make the most ordinary container look cool.

Image credits (from top): Oaskstudiosofdesign, DebbyAremDesigns, 8point8, DownstairsDesigns,,, inklinks.

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