Unique Mother’s Day Gifts — 8 Last-Minute Ideas

Posted by on May 07, 2011

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A unique Mother’s Day gift can be hard to find while shopping your local mall. That’s why we believe that the best way to give a unique holiday gift is to make one. (Surprise, surprise.) And even though the clock is ticking fast towards the big day, there’s still time to bust out the creative skills. Like this little guy above … Wouldn’t a new mom just love to see a card bearing an image like this one of her little one? (Dads, take note.) Though things might get messy, you only need to get one nice photo to win her heart. No sweet babies in your household? Then let’s get started on these other crafty ideas.

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washi tape flower
Washi Tape Flowers
Love all the amazing things you can make with Washi Tape? Numerous types of flowers can be shaped and arranged into a bouquet for a gift that lasts for longer than real ones. In her book "Washi Tape Crafts," Amy Anderson explains how to make Bent Flowers (like the one pictured), Rosette Washi Tape Flowers, and Wrapped Washi Tape Flowers
We've got all of the how-tos on CraftFoxes.
diy button flower bouquet
Button Flowers

If you’re hoarding buttons like there’s no tomorrow, now’s the time to raid your stash. Button flowers are a hot trend in the crafting world, popping up in boutonnieres and in bridal bouquets. We bet that Mom would be charmed with a whole bouquet of these everlasting blooms, presented in a vintage jar.
Learn how to make button flowers via Cut Out + Keep.
Fab Fruit Basket

It’s a little too late to send over an edible arrangement from your local shop, but it’s not too late to go the DIY route. The melon basket base isn’t as hard as it seems. Just carve a basket shape from a melon, then scoop out the fruit. Fill the deliciously scented basket with fruit, including pineapple flowers made by punching out floral shapes with cookie cutters. Impressive.
Watch how to make a watermelon basket directly from a pro at West of the Loop.
custom tote
Colorblocked Custom Tote 

Moms carry lots of stuff, so she is sure to appreciate a custom tote made to fit her lifestyle. Whether she’s carrying a bunch of books, knitting stuff or groceries, you can never have too many totes. Get a free pattern and tutorial for making a custom tote from Mama's Pocketbook.
Perky Paper Flower

Another flower bouquet alternative, this sweet tissue paper flower is sure to inspire an “aww.” Though we’d pair it with another gift (like the tote bag), it's worthy of displaying long after the holiday is over.
Check out the free tutorial for making a paper flower from HomEdit.
Lightbulb Vase

Lightbulb vases are another hot crafting trend right now because they never fail to get the non-crafty folk talking. The challenge is getting the vase to stand up (after all, the bulb is round), but adding on a hanger made from wired raffia neatly solves that problem.
Get the tutorial for making your own lightbulb vase for Mother’s Day from Instructables.
pop art mother
Pop Art Card

A mod dahlia is a delightful decoration for a handmade card. If you don’t have a letterpress machine at home, you can replicate the crisp geometric look and layered floral center by cutting petals from pink and orange tissue paper, then adding them to the card with glue.
mosiac Mother
Paper Mosaic Card

A mosaic made from cut scrapbook paper is a little retro in feel, but very stylish. For a unique twist, try cutting the paper strips from paint sample cards from the hardware store. With an outside this lavish, the ideal message inside is a simple, understated “I love you, Mom.”
handlettered Mother
Handlettered Card

For a card that exudes personality, freestyle your own greeting card using a paint marker. It’ll remind Mom of the adorable cards you used to make when you were small. (Aww.)

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