Tab Top Linen Curtains Tutorial

Posted by on Feb 07, 2012


Tab top (fabric loops) linen curtains are not too hard to make, they just take a little bit of extra time. Metal rings attached to curtains can look great in many rooms, but if you want something a bit softer, then going for tab top drapes can be a good idea. So here we sewed tab top linen curtains, with wooden decorative buttons attached and darker linen stripes for an interesting touch. Let's take a look at how to sew these drapes!

First of all, measure your window and see how much fabric you need. Cut out the panels, and make sure to take edges into account. Hem the sides of the panels first. Then hem the top part where the loops will attach. Here fold down about one inch to create a slightly wider edge.

Cut out the tab top parts. I cut them the size of 7 x 2 inches, then hemmed by ironing and sewing. Measure out where you want the loops on the panels, I placed them every 4 inches or so, and sew on.

Sew on fabric buttons.

Cut out about two inch wide stripes of a darker linen fabric, the width of the curtain fabrics. Iron in the edges and attached them to the fabric with pins. Sew them onto the fabric, and then also finish off the edges of the stripes.

Add a border about 7 inches high at the bottom. Hem the bottom edge, fold the top edge and ironed, and pin to the bottom of the curtains.

Sew on, then iron and hang!

Materials: white linen fabric, dark linen fabric, wooden buttons

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    These are really awesome looking... I'm inspired!