Gluten-Free Coconut Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (Package of 6)

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Chia Chicks' gluten-free coconut double chocolate chip cookies come in

a pack of 6. The healthy ingredient list includes chia seeds, gluten-free flour (gluten-free whole grain oat flour, whole grain sweet sorghum flour, organic tapioca flour, and blanched almond flour), organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic raw cacao (an excellent source of antioxidants), walnuts, organic shredded coconut, and dark chocolate chips (dairy, nut and soy free).

Coconut oil is rich in naturally occurring saturated fats. It contains lauric acid, which our bodies convert into monolaurin, which has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-protozoa properties. Coconut oil is also nature’s richest source of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are easily digested and burned by the liver for energy. Coconut oil has been shown to help optimize body weight, increase energy, accelerate healing and improve immune function.
These chocolate coconut treats also contain walnuts which are similarly, a rich source of heart-healthy fats.
These cookies are sweetened with delicious dairy, nut and soy free chocolate chips, organic maple syrup and organic coconut palm sugar. Pure maple syrup provides a myriad of health benefits.
Coconut palm sugar is a completely natural and unrefined sugar harvested from the nectar of the coconut tree, which adds tasty caramel and butterscotch notes to these chewy treats.

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