Crochet Pattern DIY Breastfeed Necklace, Scrapbooked Digital Instant Download PDF File

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This is a breastfeeding necklace crochet pattern, perfect for beginning

crochet fans who are expecting their babies.

Breastfeeding time is just a precious time for mother and baby to get to know each other and establish meaningful lifelong ties. Use that time to play and teach your child about our world.
♥☆♥☆♥☆Special focus in this pattern☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥
This necklace will serve different purposes throughout your babies childhood: As you put it around your neck when feeding you teach your baby:
The 6 primary colors: Purple ( royalty color of the cord that hold everything together), orange ( alert and engaged), red ( love and cherish), Green ( eternal hope), blue ( truth and trust), yellow ( facts of life).
You teach 5 different shapes, but that is not all. When baby gets teeth you and detract the biting your breasts with the "teething necklace". The cotton tread will absorb the extra saliva. Throw it in the wash machine and reuse it.

Once baby gets older you can use it as a potty training reward. With success the child can wear the necklace proudly for their accomplishments.
The idea was inspired by my next to youngest granddaughter. By the time she was 1-year-old she knew all her colors, shapes, numbers and letters. No kidding! Her Mom developed a learning relationship with her daughter, who is an extremely advanced learner. You can see a picture of us on my website
Would you not like to set your little one up for a wonderful life of learning? Never too early to start! Now it's your time to start crocheting also. Crochet is cool, because you can crochet ANYTHING! It makes extra income and takes sorrows out of life because you are creatively occupied. I have articles on my website to encourage you along the way and most of my patterns are for beginners with lot's of pictures and video tutorials.

This pattern has 9 pages. A beginning crochet fan can do this easily. Of course I will be available to help, if you should have any question.
You also can use the components of this patterns for other things where you can use hearts, stars or shapes, like for instance your Christmas ornaments or treats.
Also: Here are necklaces, which is useful and pretty and already made:
If you can crochet chains, single- and double crochet stitches YOU too can make this just as you see in the picture. With instant download you can start now.

Please be aware you are buying a pattern and not the finished item.
If you need help, please contact me: ☎
Check out crochet tips, encouragement and fun at my website, where you can always find me, if you have a question.

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