Curious Little Monkey Crochet Pattern

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Don't you just love the antics of good and wholesome learning? Curious

George used to be my husband's favorite, our children's favorite and now our grandchildren love him.

I named this monkey "Curious Joel" after my youngest grandson and gave it to him on his 3rd birthday. He was elated! (pictures follow on my website as soon as his busy Mom gets around to send them).
This monkey stands about 36" tall, just right for a little hugger of 2-4 years old.
The materials used are worsted weight yarn in 4 colors. You can use scraps for the scarf and hat. You will need about 14 oz in brown. Complete supply list comes with each of my patterns.

♥☆♥☆♥☆Special focus in this pattern☆♥☆♥☆♥
You will need to know only how to make single crochet and double crochet stitches throughout this pattern. Every detailed is explained on 16 pages with 42 close-up pictures to guide you step by step to make your monkey just like it is in the picture. You do not have to flip out over stitch count as long as you follow the basic directions (I let you know when a step is important to the outcome and when you can just merrily crochet along)

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This is a PATTERN, not the finished item!
(you are not paying for the actual pattern. You pay for the time it took to design and sell it). However, I gladly help you with any part of your projects.
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