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This crochet pattern is for a beautiful cosmetic case, that is done ver

y quickly.

Every lady needs an etui to keep her cosmetics organized in her pocketbook.
This silk one has ample room to carry all your essentials, app 6" x 5" x 10". Made of satin and silk thread, it has such a soft feminine luxurious feel to it, that you will love to reach for your lipstick.
♥☆♥☆♥☆Special focus in this pattern☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥
Very easy to accomplish repeat of the crochet pattern, which can also be used for pillows, table runners, Afghans, even vests or other garments.
You think this is very complicated to make? NOT SO!
You will be surprised how easy the stitches come together. You can watch TV while doing it, since the pattern has a wonderful easy repeat. You can use this pattern even without the satin ribbon making scarfs, pillows, stoles. It is just beautiful how easy it is to work this pattern.
The case requires a little simple sewing which process is explained in the pattern. BUT an alternative is given (see the red and white bag), where you can make a case without the zipper. Instead of sewing a lining, you always could crochet a lining with mercerized cotton, if you feel you can not sew well enough. But with the directions given it is really easy to sew. Remember I cater to beginners.
One other good use for a bag like this is to keep all your little electronic devices that you have to fly around and have to fish for all the time. This case will keep it neat, feminine and in place to save you much time.
So, if you ever wanted to have an organized pocketbook, this is sure to help you with that.
Enjoy your work!

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