Crochet Pattern DIY for Baby Doll, Child Safe Scrapbooked Digital Instant Download PDF File Heirloom Keepsake

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This crochet pattern for baby doll is a child safe heirloom keepsake. Y

ou need to know only 1 crochet stitch to make this little cuddle friend for you child. It would be a treasure for any little girl. See how precious her round face and alert eyes smile right at you?

Mercerized cotton thread will make the doll robust to use for dressing and undressing her with all the cute little clothes and accessories you can make.(See the doll clothes designs for this doll)

This listing is ONLY for the actual doll pattern. I did not want to offer her butt naked, so I threw in a diaper cover pattern (see 5. picture). You can make the diaper cover any color you like. NO other clothing is included. It will fit newborns.
In this pattern, I give you the option to either make her a jointed doll ( 2. picture) OR to attach the arms and legs directly to the body. Doll collectors like to pose their dolls and hence a joined version would be more suitable. As a toy, you would want to sew or crochet the limbs on the doll directly because that way the doll has much more play value and is a delight to try on new outfits. Step by step pictures how to make her jointed, are included.
How to accomplish the features (3. picture) and face is also described with pictures and in detail. Making the eyes and nose are not as complicated as you might think because there are cool tricks…. all explained in the pattern! No hazardous parts because the features are embroidered right on the doll, unless you substitute beads or commercial eyes. Main materials used: Mercerized cotton, poly-fiber fill, embroidery floss, all easy to come by.
I have written a few blogs with tips on doll-making:

Since this doll will be 18” tall, all the American Girl doll clothes will fit as well. I revised this pattern to fix previous clothing issues related stuffing the doll (If you have previously purchased the pattern and have not received the revision, please contact me, so I can e-mail you the latest version).
I first made this doll in the 1980ies (1. Picture). The cabbage patch dolls were the expensive craze back then. No way did we have the money as young parents of 3 to buy expensive dolls like that. So I crochet my girls this doll. I made many clothes for those dolls. Now I delight to see my granddaughters (we have 3 so far) to play with them.

This doll makes a perfect, inexpensive baby shower gift, which the little one will tote around for years. Also, keep in mind scrapbooked crochet pattern makes a very nice gift for crochet lovers.
If you can crochet chains and single crochet stitches YOU too can make this just as you see in the picture. With instant download you can start now.

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