Crochet Pattern DIY for Baseball Outfit for Boy Doll Scrapbooked Digital Instant Download PDF File

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This crochet pattern for a baseball outfit I designed for my realistic

looking doll, but it will fit any 18” doll with medium build. It will delight a doll collector but will bring a big smile to any child. Trust me YOU will be remembered by that child you made the doll for.

This pattern has 12 pages of detailed descriptions, pictures and if you leave it on your tablet or computer it has links to various helpful video tutorials.
No complicated stitches or tricks.
♥☆♥☆♥Special focus in this pattern♥☆♥
The baseball cap instructions fit a newborn and can be made to fit a child‘s head, all explained in the pattern.
You learn to make button covers.
As you work on doll clothes it is nice to use up your odd left over yarns. This particular clothes needs various colors of mercerized cotton, which can be inexpensively obtained from y suppliers.
As a little bonus, I also included a little fish pattern, in case you want to make a little angler doll for another child. Just think of the many other possibilities to make a kid happy as you work on this outfit.

If you can crochet chains, single and double crochet stitches
YOU too can make this just as you see in the picture.
With INSTANT DOWNLOAD, you can start now.

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~~~~~ This is a PATTERN, not the finished item!~~~~~~~~~
~~~However I gladly help you with any part of your project~~~
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Let me hear of your crochet adventures, ask your questions and give me feedback.
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