Crochet Pattern DIY for Fisherman / Hunter Fedora Hat, Scrapbooked Digital Instant Download PDF File

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This crochet pattern shows you how to make a Fedora Style Hat in detail

. A fedora has class and pizzazz. This one can be personalized for fisherman, hunters, birdwatchers.....

You need to know only ONE stitch and with a little skill you can make the man in your life a proper covering when he is out to do his favorite hobby: Fishing, hunting, walking, mountain climbing, catching butterflies......
For your hunter makes it camouflage (a supply source included), for your birdwatcher make it white. You can follow the pattern for the crown and convert it into a slouch hat by making a larger rim, or you could try to fashion it into a cowboy hat. The directions for that are not included, but suggestions are given.
The hat looks really snazzy on any man of any age and is very durable, especially if you make out of jute. Jute is sometimes hard on your hands, I only tried it once. Directions are given for 4 ply worsted weight yarn, as you will see in the pictures of the pattern, which will guide you step by step.
Another idea to fashion this hat is to use wool and then felt it. You have to make it larger, though because it shrinks and the outcome is sometimes unpredictable.
As you sew a headband on the inside of the hat, it assures a great fit.
The directions are for a head of 21" ( medium sized head), but the pattern is marked where to alter for making a bigger or smaller hat. You measure the head circumference, but you also could fit it to the person you make the hat for as you work. That part is not hard at all. I know you can do this because you have plenty of pictures on 16 pages of detailed descriptions and the only stitch you need to know, is single crochet.
He will love your labor of love and for thinking so highly of his hobby (smile). So are you ready to try it?
YOU too can make this hat just as you see in the picture. With instant download, you can start now.

Thank you for browsing in my shop. I hope you had fun and are inspired to create something beautiful. I would love to hear how you like my patterns and what would you like for me to design for you personally?
Check out crochet tips, encouragement and fun at my website, where you can always find me if you have a question.

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