Crochet Pattern DIY for Jointed Teddy Bear, Scrapbooked Digital Instant Download PDF File

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The teddy bear you can easily make from this crochet pattern, since you

only need ONE crochet stitch. He is 18" tall. You will use bulky yarn. This 10 page pattern has plenty of explanatory pictures as well as video tutorials.

Dress him any way you like. I included a simple vest pattern.
This teddy bear is jointed and perfectly safe for small children, since there is no part that can come off, unless you choose to use commercial eyes or buy manufactured doll joins, which is absolutely unnecessary. This pattern shows you the old fashion way to make joints. You may embroider the eyes like I did with my other patterns, but as you can see in the pictures his eyes look cute even with just felt pieces.
Teddy bears are an excellent bazar seller. Definitely a keepsake teddy for any young child.
Since this is a very easy pattern you might consider making teddy bears for children in homeless or Women shelters. The children are often forgotten, as the focus is mostly on the adults. That would be a very worthwhile ministry for your spare time.
♥☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥Special focus in this pattern♥☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥
How to make a jointed child safe toy with little bulky yarn


If you can crochet chains, single crochet stitches
YOU too can make this just as you see in the picture.
With INSTANT DOWNLOAD you can start now.


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~~~~~ This is a PATTERN, not the finished item!~~~~~~~~~
~~~However I gladly help you with any part of your project~~~
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