Crochet Pattern DIY for Round Baby Blanket, Scrapbooked Digital Instant Download PDF File

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This crochet pattern is for a round baby blanket, also called receiving


A ROUND receiving baby blanket? Yes! Be different from the traditional square- or rectangular blankets!
The advantage of a round baby blanket is that the baby is totally engulfed in it enchilada style.

♥☆♥☆♥☆♥Special focus in this pattern♥☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥
Directions are given for stitch by stitch. BUT in this pattern you will learn how to crochet from an overview as the pattern develops, rather than follow stitch by stitch.
Many valuable tips given how to crochet in the round.
Made with sport weight 3 ply baby yarn this receiving blanket is warm, yet has enough breathing room and is very light weight. The delicate lace gives the blanket a special touch, especially when there is a festive occasion or baby meets the relatives the first time.
Of course you can make it in your favorite colors.
This pattern is not described row by row, so you can easy watch TV working it, since there is a logical sequence to the pattern and the repeat is very obvious. Scrapbooked on 11 pages with graphs, video tutorial, pictures and clear explanations, all very easy to follow.
I guarantee you your blanket will look as precious on your baby as it does on mine.
Chains, single and double crochet stitches is all you need to know to make this beautiful blanket.
So get excited about your new baby and start crocheting now.


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~~~~~ This is a PATTERN, not the finished item!~~~~~~~~~
~~~However I gladly help you with any part of your project~~~
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I hope you are inspired to create something beautiful for your little one.
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