Crochet Pattern DIY Round Doily with beads, Scrapbooked Digital Instant Download PDF File

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This crochet pattern a classic beaded crochet doily pattern which can b

e used for many things: basket liners, pillows, as candy basket, appliqué for garments.... endless uses in whole or in parts.

It can be finished in few hours if you are familiar with crocheting. Nothing adds elegant flair to a room like a simple round doily. It protects your furniture from scratches and is one of the most versatile and practical linen in the home.
♥☆♥☆♥☆Special focus in this pattern☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥
Beading with mercerized cotton to bring out beautiful effects.
This listing is for ONE DOILY BASIC CROCHET PATTERN ONLY and not the finished items. I give suggestions what all can be done with doilies and also wrote a few blogs about doilies, which give you insights of how doilies were used in the past:
Where to purchase materials:
Hobby Lobby ( offers #30 mercerized cotton very inexpensively, so the whole project is very affordable, yet the results will be luxurious.
Great tote along work!

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~~~~~ This is a PATTERN, not the finished item!~~~~~~~~~
~~~However I gladly help you with any part of your project~~~
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