Mason Jars: Your Valentine's Gift's Best Friend

Posted by on Jan 27, 2021

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Something Turquoise


This Valentine's Day, ditch the store-bought box of candies and make something personal for the one you love. Show your affection with these easy-to-make and inexpensive mason jar crafts. Whether you're looking to find a way of packaging some sweet treats for your sweetheart, or doing a little mood-setting decorating, there's something here to inspire you to express (and impress) your love.

Romantic floating candle mason jars
Emmaline Bride
If your taste runs to rustic, rather than seasonal, set the mood with these romantic floating candle mason jars. Use ribbon or raffia to decorate the top of each jar, fill with water, and place a floating candle in each. Place glass pebbles in any color in the bottom of each jar for a little added visual interest if you wish. These candle holders can set the mood this Valentine's day, and be used year round.

These adorable sweetheart jars are wonderfully easy and inexpensive to put together. Simply take a pack of candy sweethearts, sort them by color, and then layer them in a mason jar.  A handwritten tag attached to the lid is the perfect personal touch.

hugs and kisses candy mason jar valentine
If your love loves chocolate, shower them with hugs and kisses of the candy kind. Rather than buying prepackaged candy, pick up a bag of festively colored favorites and arrange them in a mason jar. Check the link above for a free printable tag, or create your own from a small piece of card stock.

spray paint and stencil valentine mason jar
Artzy Creations for Made from Pinterest
Create this easy-to-make mason jar votive holder with some stickers and spray paint. Simply place the stickers on the jar in your desired pattern, spray with paint, and remove the stickers once dry. Use a paintbrush to touch up any scratches, and add some lace, colored twine, or ribbon, tied around the lid, to add a little flair. A handwritten tag adds a personal touch.

These romantic mason jars are easily constructed from items found in dollar or craft stores. Get as creative as you want when setting the mood this Valentine's Day. Choose shapes in colors that inspire you, then use clear thread and tape to attach them to the underside of a mason jar lid. Trim the tops as desired, and fill the bottom with sand, sugar, or salt.

strawberry shortcake mason jar dessert
Serve up dessert in a mason jar. These Nutella, strawberry shortcake jars are quick and easy to make with store-bought shortcake. If you have a little extra time, try baking your own cake: it's simple to do, and the results are amazing.

DIY glitter mason jar votive holders
Something Turquoise
These fuss-free candle holders come together easily with some double-sided tape and assorted glitter. This idea works wonderfully with pint-and-quart-sized mason jars. This Valentine's Day, dim the lights, and let the soft glow of these homemade candle holders add a little sparkle to your evening.

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