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Posted by on Jun 30, 2014

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"Drift" is the newest collection of 50wt. cotton quilting thread by Angela Walters for Aurifil. It coordinates beautifully with Angela's "Drift" fabric line with Art Gallery Fabrics. Filled with gorgeous sea-breezy blues and crisp corals, this colorful set of 12 large spools has a retail value of $130 — and thanks to our generous friends at Aurifil, you have a chance to win one for yourself!

angela walters drift thread collection
Angela is a prolific quilter, a popular teacher, and she has authored several books and many modern quilt pattern designs. She didn't start quilting until after marrying her husband, whose family was filled with quilters. She took lessons from his grandfather, and in the process, she learned how much she enjoyed free motion quilting, especially on modern quilts; it's like doodling with thread. "I'll tell anyone who will listen, that the quilting is the most fun part of making a quilt. I often joke, if quilting is my therapy, then threads are my meds," says Angela.

Aurifil logo has lots of free quilt patterns and tutorials to feed your own therapy. In addition to working well for piecing and quilting, cotton thread is perfect for sewing natural, lightweight fabrics or delicate lace.

Headquartered in Italy, Aurifil makes beautiful threads and features color collections from many different designers. Visit their website to learn more about working with cotton thread in different types of sewing and quilting projects. 

Be sure to check out the Gen-Q blog for more about Angela and her work. Generation Q Magazine is all about contemporary and modern quilters and their creative lives.

St. John Virgin Islands
Angela Walters
Angela's color inspiration for "Drift" came from her vacation to a tropical island in the Caribbean. One of the many ways you can enter to win this thread collection is to leave a comment here, telling us what you found most inspiring on your last vacation!

Click here for lots more ways to enter — the deadline is Sunday, July 6th. The winner will be announced as an update to this post on Tuesday, July 8th. 

If you were looking for a reason to make a quilt this summer, here it is!

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  • by etalmage
    User profile

    On my last vacation, what I found most inspiring was the resilience of the human spirit. Staying with my 88 year old aunt was a reminder that we can not only survive but flourish.

  • by bonnie.lindsay.927
    User profile

    I was inspired by the the beautiful fall colors at the Lake of the Ozarks.

  • by cecesews
    User profile

    Last fall we visited the Grand Canyon and Sedona, AZ and the beauty and magnificent creation of the canyon and red rocks, oh my! The wonders we have here in the US to enjoy and inspire!

  • by mary73pearce
    User profile

    My vacation to Mesa Verde National Park in southwest Colorado with all of its dwellings built by Native Americans was rich in colors, textures and the feeling of time.

  • by jeannegwin
    User profile

    I am always inspired when we go to our lake property in southern Missouri by all the colors in the Ozark Mountains and lakes. If I could duplicate some of the colors i see, oh my.

  • by mlbieds
    User profile

    Love a chance to win some aurifil threads, especially in these colors!

  • by marymac
    User profile

    Two months ago on my vacation, My husband and I bought our retirement home. Next year I will have plenty of time to craft and quilt.

  • by lizibeth
    User profile

    my husband took me for an overnight to a hotel (leaving the kids with the grandparents :D) and it was so refreshing to just be able to notice the details, to have the time to think, pause and enjoy without chasing kids - the details around us are so gorgeous, and the time to notice and enjoy them is so needed!

  • by susan.zakanycz
    User profile

    I am inspired with the colors of the mountains and trees when I go on a trip.

  • by turtlesrs
    User profile

    My most recent vacation was to Niagara Falls, and I was really inspired by the different colors that you could see as the water swirled and tumbled around…. I'm already planning a quilt!

  • by paula.michalowski
    User profile

    My last vacation took me to Northern Texas for the first time and Colorado. In Texas I was treated to a truly intense plains thunderstorm at a distance. The colors of the sky as the lighting flashed were magnificent, all blacks and greys suddenly transmutated to pearl greys and charcoal with silver blue piercing the cloud cover. Monotone yet not. And then there were the bluebells. Driving along the freeway all concrete and sere grass and suddenly a blanket of blue!
    Colorado on the other hand was white on green, The trees were budding, early flowers were opening and then there was a snow storm as so often happens in the spring. Purples, and yellows and pale to dark green all peeping out of the white or frosted with it. Too very different experiences but both beautiful.

  • by pat.k.hodges
    User profile

    It has been years since I had a real vacation, but I have made several short trips. I went to Louisiana and really enjoyed the food.

  • by beth.donahuestack
    User profile

    The colors and patterns found at the beach, in sunsets and the gardens of my favorite shore.

  • by linda.harris.37
    User profile

    My last vacation was to Tybee Island Georgia and I would so love to make this my home. I fell in love with the area and the easy living. Of course the beach was a plus and the weather in april. Betting summers are brutal but could always go north for visits LOL.Thanks for a chance at this awesome thread!!!

  • by
    User profile

    My last vacation was to South East Alaska where I was inspired by the beauty of nature, as well as the friendly people that live and work in this area. Many are so creative.


  • by wnpreim
    User profile

    We just like to get in the car and drive the back roads stopping anywhere that suits...but never passing up a quilt store, yarn or fiber shop of course!

  • by rozz
    User profile

    It was fun to reunite with a friend and my niece.

  • by 2crochethooks
    User profile

    I loved how relaxed I was on the return home :) I love visiting the mountains of NC!

  • by clemonssarah7
    User profile

    Camping and fishing is the norm for us as a family. but as a family the most fun is when we go to Butlins or Haven holiday camps in the UK so much for the kids to do.

  • by knielson
    User profile

    No vacation, but am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Sandhills of Nebraska, where we have had more than ample moisture this year. everywhere you look are brilliant greens andyellow and the birds and wildlife every where.

  • by maria.ferraiuolorobinson
    User profile

    I have not had a vacation in I can not tell you how long, I think I was 26 (I'm now 45) I was living in NH and went to Florida to visit my parents with my son who was 2 at the time. We had the best time, my son and my Dad bonded so well that I decided to move to Fl the next year. They had 4 more years together before my Dad passed away. So happy that they had that time together they were inseparable.

  • by amalthia79
    User profile

    My last vacation was a family reunion and while at my Uncle's house I found a quilt made by friends with each of them signing it in 1934. It was so amazing and made me want to go straight home and start working on my next quilt!

  • by ktannepie
    User profile

    We just took a mini-vacation to a new zoo and loved it! I love being outside with the family exploring new places.

  • by marywats
    User profile

    last vacation was to Lincoln City, Oregon...if you want inspiration just visit the beach!

  • by dulcikate
    User profile

    I would have to say what inspired me was on a cruise I took last year. It is the most beautiful waters and lush green on the Caribbean Islands!